Killian Wright

film composer




No Country for Old Men (alt. score) reviewed in Electronic Sound magazine.

Killian is a young British classical musician and composer who specialises in composition and scoring for media, film & television.


Currently a scholarship BMUS student at Royal Holloway, as an artist, he strives to compose bold soundtracks coupled with innovative sound design that are evocative, challenging and provide new depths to his musical repertoire.


His latest projects involved re-imagining soundtracks for classic films that had been released with virtually no musical score: Robert Zemeckis' film Cast Away, the Oscar winning Iranian foreign language film A Separation, the Coen Brother's No Country For Old Men and American Sniper (See projects page for more information)

Killian is a commissioned composer whose credits include Wayout TV, University of East Anglia, The Great Conjunction (International Film Festival award) & celebrated East Anglia screen writer Natasha Graham (monologues)

Selected Highlights


Taken from my second album, The Separation


Taken from my third album, No Country For Old Men

Notre Dame

An educational project to commemorate the rebuilding of this great Cathedral.  I was responsible for the scoring, orchestration and production of soundtrack


Original music for all media. Complementing the narrative


Manuscript and orchestration services for individuals, small ensembles and full orchestras

All media

Original music and sound design for radio, television, film and games


Sound design, foley and abstract composition for art installations, film and events